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IWWD July/August 2012
The topic of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” continues to dominate headlines. It’s safe to say it has gained momentum, as numerous associations, including the National Ground Water Assn. and Intelligence Squared U.S., are devoting events to...
Nordfjord Inc. of Stryn, Norway, has seen considerable growth as a meat processor and food manufacturer. Recently, the company has taken new steps toward implementing environmentally responsible wastewater treatment processes, far surpassing legislative...
One way to cut manufacturing costs is to move plants overseas and take advantage of lower labor costs. Another alternative is to move production closer to the customer, reducing shipping time and expenses. The Plastek Group of Erie, Pa., took the latter...
Boil a kettle of tap water in a hard water area and two undesirable observations are made: A fine but harmless scum appears on the surface of the waterand a hard white encrustation develops on the heating element. The latter is calcium carbonate and is...
Wastewater treatment is a necessary cost of doing business in the mining industry. Mining involves numerous processes to extract and recover minerals or metals from the earth to produce items we use on a daily basis. Common to all ore extraction methods...


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