Aquator Group Ltd. to Sell Purafil ESD Odor Control Systems

Purafil Environmental Systems Division (ESD) has partnered with the Aquator Group Ltd. to help water and wastewater treatment plants in the United Kingdom and Ireland comply with proposed odor control initiatives for the municipal sector and existing legislation for industrial sites.

Purafil ESD has been the premier single-source provider of clean air to hundreds of North American and European clients for more than 15 years. A division of Purafil, Inc., Purafil ESD manufactures a wide variety of dry-chemical media and scrubbers that remove odorous, toxic and corrosive gases at water and wastewater applications.

According to Aquator spokesman Ross Severn, "We are very proud and happy to be Purafil ESD’s appointed representative in the UK and Ireland. Odor is being recognized as a more significant issue in this area. We believe that Purafil is the best available product to help us provide sympathetic and unintrusive solutions for the treatment of wastewaters."

Aquator Group Ltd.

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