All Along the Water Tower

A water tower that was left standing after the devastating northeastern Minnesota fires of 1918 will be demolished and replaced, city officials said.
The tower withstood blazes that killed more than 450 people and leveled more than 10 communities. But because of its age and condition, city officials said it must be replaced, probably sometime in November.
"Its time has come,'' Public Works Director Jim Prusak said Monday. "There are some people who hate to see it go. I can't blame them. It's been a symbol in this town for years.''
The tower will be cut apart, lowered with a crane and sent to a scrapyard, probably within three weeks, Prusak said. The new tower, which will stand a few blocks from the site of the existing tower, will hold up to 1 million gallons of water. The existing tower holds 125,000 gallons.


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