Aero-Life Strengthens Southwest Presence With Addition of Two New Distributors

Aero-Life Aeration Systems, a provider of environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solutions for restaurants and food service operations announced that it has signed a distributorship agreement with EnviroMaster in Hewitt, Texas, and a certified reseller agreement with Aero-Clean in El Paso, Texas. The agreements mark Aero-life's growing presence in the southwest, in addition to its established markets in Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico and North Carolina. "Nationwide, the cost of collecting, treating and reclaiming wastewater in order to return it to the environment and meet existing quality standards is expected to reach nearly $23 billion in the next 20 years," says Dean Keller, Aero-Life president. "About 40 percent of municipal waste collection system maintenance problems are the direct result of foodservice waste entering the system. Aero-Life's proven natural aeration technology is a cost-effective way to eliminate a large portion of this waste material at its source by turning restaurant grease traps into mini wastewater treatment plants. As we partner with more distributors throughout the company, we are helping restaurant operators and municipalities address this costly, widespread issue." Developed and patented in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories, Aero-Life's proprietary application works by creating a healthy, oxygen-rich environment in which kitchen wastewater can be cleaned and clarified cost-effectively, without the use of chemicals. A low-energy solution, the system requires only 40 watts to run, reduces waste at its point of generation by 85 percent or more, and eliminates the pollution and energy associated with hauling waste. Restaurants and food service operations can reduce their operational costs by as much as $10,000 per year using the system.

Aero-Life's distributorship agreement with EnviroMaster gives the company exclusive rights to market, install and service Aero-Life systems throughout most of Texas. Owners Coy Brewer and Ronnie Stephens also own Texas Fire & Safety, which provides hood cleaning and fire prevention equipment to restaurants throughout the state. Through EnviroMaster, they will target existing clients and have already installed systems at three restaurant locations in Hillsboro, Temple and Waco.

"Being in and out of restaurants as much as we are, we understand the challenges of treating wastewater and believe there is a real market need for this type of environmentally friendly solution," says Brewer. "The Waco system has been very well received and has attracted the attention of city industrial engineers who recognize the potential of using aeration technology on a much larger scale."

As a certified reseller, Aero-Clean will target restaurant operators and wastewater municipalities throughout West Texas and southern New Mexico. The company has already installed several Aero-Life units in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso.

"Aero-Life offers a simple solution to a complex problem, and helps address the challenge of wastewater treatment in a way that is a win-win for businesses and municipalities," says Greg Vogel, Aero-Clean president. "We have received a very positive response from restaurants and wastewater treatment officials. They know this is a serious issue and hope the Aero-Life solution will help address some of the challenges they face."

Aero-Life Aeration Systems

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