Achieving Superior Effluent Quality Without Filtration or New Tankage


Embrace gravity, defy convention. Learn about the latest advancements in wastewater and water treatment—the BioMag Ballasted Biological Treatment System and the CoMag Ballasted Treatment System. This webinar will provide a greater understanding in approaches to solve capacity, ENR and wet weather challenges.

Join Siemens to learn how these technologies use magnetite, which is twice as dense as sand, as a ballasting agent to increase the settleability of solids thereby overcoming clarification bottlenecks and process upset conditions. Case study data will be presented.

The BioMag System:

  • Increases secondary treatment capacity up to 300%, with no additional tankage
  • Achieves stringent nutrient removal limits

The CoMag System:

  • Dramatically enhances particulate removal in primary and tertiary treatment, with no additional tankage
  • Achieves 0.05 mg/L total phosphorus using conventional clarification processes

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Siemens Water Technologies has been providing leading technologies and know-how for over 100 years to help consulting engineers and municipalities clean and purify the world's most precious resource—our water. We excel at biological processes, high-rate clarification, membrane treatment, disinfection, low-energy biosolids solutions, odor control and seamless controls across process equipment.

Robert Backman
Senior Technical Manager
Siemens Water Technologies

Backman has over 30 years of experience designing, selling, piloting, installing, and validating biological systems in municipal and industrial applications. Based in Cambridge, MA, he is responsible for introducing the BioMag System and the CoMag System to engineers, municipalities and industrial users. He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University.